Institute of Database Developers
John Adelsten Broad background in mainframe, client/server and web-based technologies. Strong methodology experience in Information Engineering from James Martin. Currently focused on Oracle datawarehouse development and production support. Experienced in Oracle version 7 and 8. Significant experience with large Oracle databases (50-100Gb).
David Bryant David founded Oak Tree Systems, Inc in 1994 It began as a firm that provided technical training instructors to training centers around the U.S. Early software development and consulting services focused on the Mid-Atlantic region. Today we claim customers from Virginia to California. Oak Tree Systems has its roots planted and continues to grow, tripling in size since 1994.
Bill Dowis Dowis & Company Inc. - Bill is an expert in information architecture, application design, and data modeling. He has developed a variety of solutions using ASP, XML, JavaScript, VB, Access, and SQL Server. He started developing database applications in 1985 using various xBase languages. In 1994 he was a contributing author in Les Pinter's book, Microsoft FoxPro 2.5 Applications Programming.
Kennett Fussell Doctorate in Education. Worked with microcomputers and software development since 1980. Since 1984 wrote over fifty courses and taught over 10,000 people how to use database, spreadsheet, wordprocessing, project management, and graphics software. Since 1993 have managed networks and software automation projects for the federal government. Currently developing interactive web databases.
Ladislav Goc I have been designing and building database solutions since 1987. I am an expert in digital and audio processing and preparing content for streaming over the Internet. I am also experienced in th preparation and delivery of training programs. I love Bond girls. I am currently investigating the use of XML in for my future solutions.
Joseph Gotthelf Joseph has been developing database applications since 1981. He runs August Technologies, Inc., a consulting firm out of the Philadelphia area, which specializes in the development of data intensive web applications. He has experience in a number of industries, such as Telecommunications, Oil, Banking, Managed Care, Medical, Government, etc. Joseph has spoken at technical conferences in the US and Canada, and is a contributing author for several FoxPro books. He has also written numerous magazine articles.
Frank Grimberg Frank has been directly involved with over 100 successful custom software implementations for small business and Fortune 500 companies. He currently runs WaterCastle, LLC. His development expertise includes SQL Server, ASP, ASP.NET, C# but has worked with almost everything.
John Hagan John Hagan has been in IT support since 93 and currently runs Commonwealth Technology Consulting, Inc. He has a background in networking, desktop/server implementation, call center management, and end user support. Areas of expertise include Windows environments, MS Exchange, IIS, VPN, Wireless, Switching and Routing, Dell and HP servers.
Emad Hammoud In a nutshell I have been developing user systems since the 70's, client/server since the 80's, dynamic data-driven web applications since the early 90's, survived the Y2K crisis at DARPA, and presently integrating more Active Directory & all types of scripting for 21st century modules. Most of these systems are SQL-based. With the advent and popularity of the Windows 2000 server operating system, have also integrated SQL 7.0 and Active Directory as resource for validation, control, and security on web sites. Researching XML & WSH scripting for true cost/time savings without uprooting existing systems. Applied efficient modularity for usage of new tools. In problem-solving or decision-making situations, always sought solutions with calculated risk and common-sense reality
Nelson Johnson 20 years programming and consulting experience, with the first 4 years working with main-frame systems and the rest on the PC. Founded own company 1994 and renamed it to Eccountable in 2001 to reflect business focus on Accounting and e-commerce. Earned a BS degree on Decision Sciences and MIS from the George Mason University school of Business in 1990. Database design expert.
Dale Leopold I'm currently President of ElseWare, a Richmond-based consulting firm. I'm a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer focusing mainly on VFP and West Wind Web Connection-based web projects. In addition to being VFP-certified, I'm also certified in VB, Windows NT and SQL Server. I also have extensive Novell experience (from 2.0a to 4.11, and have managed Novell-to-NT migrations). As for Fox experience, I go back to the FoxBASE days in 1986, have been a Vice President of the Potomac Area Fox User Group (I helped found the group in 1991), Treasurer of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Fox User Groups, have attended 4 Devcons, and spoken at the Mid-Atlantic Database Solutions Workshop. Prior to moving to Richmond in 1995, I spent 13 years at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) in the D.C. area, working as a programmer/analyst and systems analyst. I started out as a mainframe COBOL coder for a couple of years before moving to PCs and LANs for good in 1986. Skills: Visual FoxPro, Wes
Robin Mattern Robin is currently working on Procurement eCommerce
Alan McConnell McConnell Data Management, Inc. Database applications, client/server applications, and web applications. Contributing Writer for Access/Office/Visual Basic Advisor magazine. Works with MS Access, Borland Delphi, and Visual Basic.
Tom Meeks Predominantly developing in Visual FoxPro 6.0 and designing web interfaces. Focusing on user oriented web page design. Currently working on creating a web portal site as a platform for experimenting with techniques for selling on the web.
Ibrahim Nooh Ibrahim is a net work engineer with many Microsoft Certifications. He has worked on corporate and ISP network teams.
Oren Oxman Oren has been developing secure government database applications for 9 years. He's gone through multiple Certification and Accreditations for FISMA compliance. Additionally, he works to develop Enterprise Applications with both Java and .NET based architectures.
Bruce Parker Bruce has been developing complex computer systems for over 30 years. He is currently developing both Web-based applications (using HTML and Active Server Pages with Microsoft's SQL Server) and PC-based applications (with Microsoft Access). For his Web applications, he has developed a series of "code generators" and software libraries that enable him to easily develop sophisticated Web applications, based on electronic specifications, for surveys, reporting, and data entry/edit. He also has extensive experience with VB and Fox Pro.
Daniel Putziger Dan is currently a IT Project Manager of Web Applications for the United Communications Group of Rockville, MD ( He specializes in the publishing of "business to business" information on the web.
Richard Schinner Richard has more than 22 years experience with computers. He is a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Maryland and is the founder and owner of eVantage, LLC since 1996. He is a software/database developer with more than 30 years of broad operations experience that gives him the ability to understand a project in ways many other developers cannot. This understanding allows him to create exactly what the customer needs in a very short time. He has developed several outstanding applications in the manufacturing industry. The most comprehensive is PFEP (Plan For Every Part. This copyrighted program is available for small to large manufacturers.

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David Schmucker David is currently CEO of a database development company specializing in Microsoft db products used over the web. He started working with databases back in the Dbase II days in 1980 with a large real estate firm. Extensive experience with all versions of MS Access and has a broad business background.
Bruce Troutman Bruce is an expert in managing the development of web database and client-server applications using HTML, XML, Active Server Pages with SQL Server and Oracle. Since 1986, his successful projects include for the Federal Interagency Database (, NATO Summit Management System, Federal Advisory Committee Act System, and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Transportation Management System.

He is president of the Institute of Database Developers, past-president of the Washington Area Visual Interdev User Group, Mid-Atlantic Access User Group and Potomac Area Foxpro User Group.
Karl Zercoe Karl is a database application developer with Titanium Software, Inc. in Houston Texas. He has been consulting full time since 1992. He is an expert in Visual FoxPro and is currently also developing applications in and SQL Server. B.S. in Computer Science Texas A&M University, 1986, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and MCP in Visual FoxPro and Access.